We help businesses by providing short-term, flexible loans in a simple and efficient manner. If you run a small or medium enterprise with frequent working capital needs, a Capital Float loan will quickly provide you the necessary funds to manage cash flow, pay suppliers, or invest in growth.
Capital Float offers loans ranging from ₹3 lakhs – ₹1 crores, with terms between 6 months – 36 months.
Typically, our rates start at 15% per annum with a processing fee of up to 2% of the loan amount. Start an application here to see what rate you can borrow at.
No. We evaluate businesses solely on the strength of their cash flows and expected receivables.
We offer loan products with flexible repayment plans, so you can choose what makes sense for your business. Loans against receivables can be paid back in a single "bullet" installment at maturity, while unsecured loans are repayable via EMIs. All repayments can be made either via ECS or a post-dated cheque.
Yes. however, we do charge a minor fee for preclosure of loans.
We work with small & medium enterprises across industries, including e-commerce, textiles & apparel, healthcare, auto and engineering, food processing, software, facilities management, and professional services. Our borrowers are typically fast-growing SMEs with one or more well-reputed clients (e.g., MNCs, large E-Commerce players, publicly listed Indian corporates).
The eligibility for our loans varies from product to product. Visit our product pages of your choice to read a detailed description of the eligibility criteria for the product.
Yes. We actively support early-stage businesses led by capable and driven entrepreneurs. Unlike most banks and NBFCs today, we are happy to work with companies that have been operational for less than 3-5 years, so long as they have strong management and a good financial track record.
Yes. Our approach to lending evaluates SMEs in a very different way from banks. Rather than focusing on traditional factors such as collateral such as property, we look at the strength of your cash flows and customer relationships. This means that we can lend to many business that have been denied by their banks.
You can apply for a Capital Float loan from your desk within 10 minutes via our online application. Once you submit the application, a representative will visit your office to collect the necessary KYC documents or you can upload the files during the time of application. We typically process all applications within 3 days from submission and immediately transfer the funds to your account. Questions? Give us a call on 1860 419 0999.
Documents required during application vary from product to product. Please visit the relevant product page to read more about the documents required pertaining to that particular product.
We take the security of your information very seriously and have taken care to comply with the best practices in the industry. You can be assured that all the data provided is in good hands and the information is handled in a secure manner.
We typically provide funding in 3 days. The funds will be transferred to your designated bank account on the same day as approval.
Login into www.capitalfloat.com to see a customized dashboard with your loan application status for all current and future loans.
Login into www.capitalfloat.com to see a customized dashboard with details for all your current loans.
Once you are approved to join the Capital Float platform and successfully complete one loan cycle, future financing is literally at your fingertips. As and when you require funds, apply online within 10 minutes for new loans and receive funds in your bank account within 48 hours.
On March 27th, 2020, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced a moratorium on retail term loans to relieve repayment pressures brought on by the perturbations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The RBI vide its notification dated May 23, 2020 (Moratorium Extension Notification) allowed lenders to extend the moratorium by an additional 3 months (i.e. Until August 31, 2020) at their discretion.
Yes, Capital Float is providing a moratorium extension for the months of June-August, 2020. However, the decision to offer a moratorium is at the sole discretion of Capital Float and it will be determined on the basis of our credit policies.
Customers applying for a moratorium will be required to demonstrate disruption in their cash flows due to the lockdown. If the moratorium request is denied by Capital Float, the reason for rejection will be shared with the customer.
The moratorium availed by a borrower between March-May 2020 has no bearing on the moratorium available from June-August 2020. There is no automatic extension of the moratorium. The request to opt-in for moratorium between June-August 2020 must be placed on the Capital Float website or the user will be automatically opted out.
There will be no refund. The EMI collected before approval of moratorium for June-August 2020: 1. In case of moratorium extension, this amount will be applied to the outstanding principal & interest 2. In case the customer didn't avail Moratorium 1.0 and applied for just Moratorium 2.0, then this amount will be applied to the dues in June 2020.
CIBIL reporting will be based on the guidelines issued by the RBI. DPD and asset classification will be paused or deferred for the months for which moratorium is approved by Capital Float.
No. Your moratorium will not be automatically extended. To avail of an extension of the moratorium until August 31, 2020, you have to place a separate request “on or before June 30, 2020”. Once the moratorium is approved, it will apply until the end of August 2020.
Borrowers applying for a moratorium will be required to demonstrate a reduction in cash flow caused by the lockdown. Capital Float will request for documentation to ascertain the moratorium request.
No, loans taken/credit lines used/tranches raised post 1st March 2020 will not be eligible for moratorium extension.
Borrowers who do not want the EMI moratorium will continue serving the EMIs. They will be required to maintain a sufficient balance in their accounts and EMIs will be deducted as per schedule.
As per RBI guidelines, we are advised to offer a moratorium for the period of June-August 2020 for eligible customers on the basis of our internal credit policy. The decision on an extension of the Moratorium is at the sole discretion of Capital Float.
We will be automatically debiting EMI payments from the borrower account, unless the moratorium is approved for the borrower.
No, borrower to who the moratorium is extended will not be charged any penalties or fees for deferring his/ her payments under the moratorium scheme.
Yes. As per the RBI’s guidelines, the borrower will be charged interest during the moratorium. This interest will be accrued and collected along with the EMI payments they make after the moratorium ends.
Only the repayment schedule of loan(s) will be altered to reflect the moratorium scheme. All other terms and conditions of the loan agreement remain the same.
No, to avail of an extension of the moratorium until August 31, 2020, you will have to contact the Capital Float Customer Service team at 080 6807 5001 before June 30, 2020.
In the case of any queries or assistance required, the borrower can write to us at myloan@capitalfloat.com or call us at 080 6807 5001.
RBI announced a one time restructuring scheme for lenders amid the ongoing COVID crisis which is hitting businesses hard. On the basis of the framework and regulatory guidelines issued by the RBI, we have framed a policy for the restructuring of SME and consumer loans in our portfolio that have been impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is to ensure that the terms of the loan are restructured so as to make the loan serviceable.
  • Individuals and Entities that are classified as Standard, but not in default for more than 30 days with the lender as on March 1, 2020 and continue to remain as standard across all its loans/facilities till date are eligible for restructuring.
  • Borrowing entity is GST-registered on the date of implementation of the restructuring except MSMEs that are exempt from GST-registration
  • Borrowers whose income/business is affected by COVID-19 pandemic like reduction of income during lockdown, reduced activity of units or business or complete shut down due to pandemic.
  • Borrowers should not have an exposure of more than ₹25cr. at the customer level as on March 1, 2020.
Tenure can be extended from the end of the loan maturity date as per the original repayment schedule of the loan to:-
  • SME borrowers – Up to 2 years
  • Personal loans/ PLOC (Credit facility) borrowers – Up to 1 Year
  • Buy Now Pay Later / Merchant Checkout Finance (MCF) – Up to 6 months
Yes, loan can be restructured but subject to following minimum stipulations.
  • MSME borrower: Minimum outstanding principal dues of ₹2 lakhs on a loan account level
  • Personal loan/PLOC (Credit facility) borrower: Minimum outstanding principal dues of ₹25,000/- on a loan account level
  • Buy Now Pay Later/Merchant Checkout Finance borrowers: Minimum EMI of ₹2,000/- on a loan account level

MSME borrowers: Bank statements – pre and post lockdown periods till month of assessment. Udyam registration certificate or any other document if deemed necessary for assessment.

Consumer Loans: Document establishing the income stream impact – for salaried borrowers. For example, payslip, retrenchment letter, LWOP letter or any other document if deemed necessary for assessment.

The restructuring process shall be initiated following the request/application from the borrower. Borrowers could place a request for restructuring here, following which the request would be taken up under the norms of this program.

MSME loans: Restructuring process to be completed by on or before 31st March, 2021

Consumer loans: All initiation under this program to be carried out on or before 31st December, 2020.

MSME borrower products: Term Finance, Banking Surrogate, FAST Loans, Merchant Cash Advance, School Loans, Loans to Professionals, Supply Chain Finance (Pay Later, Invoice Finance, Franchise Finance), Taxi Loans.

Consumer loan borrower products: Merchant Checkout Finance, Buy Now Pay Later, Personal Loans, Walnut Prime.

If the loan is restructured, it will reflect in the borrower’s credit history and will impact the credit score negatively. But the credit score would be better than what it would have been had the loan become a non performing asset.
Yes, a document fee will be levied if the loan is restructured.
No. Capital Float will decide whether to give the option to the customer based on internal policies and analysis.
No, only those loans taken before March 2020 are eligible for restructure.
No, loss should be due to closure of business, job loss, and reduced activity of business during lockdown.
No, pre-closure charge is not chargeable on the original loan, but it will be chargeable on restructured one.
No, those who opted for a second moratorium cannot opt for the restructuring process.
Borrowers will be able to make their EMI payments through NACH/eNACH/SI (standing instructions) set up with Capital Float. Their EMI payment will get auto-debited directly from their bank account.
You may email us at myloan@capitalfloat.com or call us at 080 6807 5001
Capital Float will provide ex-gratia payment to the borrower account, the difference of compound interest and simple interest on loan accounts having sanctioned an outstanding amount not exceeding Rs. 2 crore aggregate as on 29-02-2020.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme:

  • Account to be standard in the books of Capital Float as on February 29, 2020
  • Loan accounts with sanctioned limits and outstanding not exceeding Rs 2 crore (aggregate of all facilities with all the lending institutions) as of February 29, 2020.
  • The scheme shall be admissible irrespective of whether the eligible borrower had fully or partially availed or not availed RBI moratorium dated 27-03-2020.
01-03-2020 to 31-08-2020 (6 Months or 184 days). If any account is closed during these periods, then the period for crediting shall be from 01-03-2020 to till the date of closure.

Rate as on 29-02-2020

  • Personal loans to professionals – Contracted rate as specified in the loan agreement
  • Consumer durable loans - Contracted rate as specified in the loan agreement. In case of no interest charged – for this scheme Lender’s base rate or MCLR to be applied.
  • MSME loans – Contracted rate as specified in the loan agreement

Note: Penalty interest and penalty for late payment is not covered

Mode of calculation of simple and compound interest:

  • Consumer durable loans/Personal loans to professionals: Reference amount will be an outstanding amount in the account as on 29-02-2020.
  • MSME loans: Outstanding in the account as on 29-02-2020 to be the reference amount.
No requirement to apply for relief, relief amount will be credited to the account of all eligible borrowers without applying for it.
Capital Float will assess this based on information available with them as well as information accessible from credit bureaus.
Yes, the accounts classified as SMA-0, SMA-1 and SMA-2 as on 29th Feb 2020 are eligible for the relief package.
Yes. Such borrowers are eligible for a refund of differential interest from March 1, 2020, up to the date of closure of account (not later than 31st August 2020).
The differential amount will be credited to the respective loan account(s).
Yes, there is a possibility if the account does not qualify due to statutory reasons as all accounts are subject to audit clearance before the actual reimbursement application to the Government under this scheme. In such a scenario, Capital Float will debit the same from your loan account maintained at Capital Float.
It will be credited to your savings/current account and if you do not maintain any such account with the lending institution, you can advise the lending institution the details of the account in other banks where the amount can be credited /remitted to.
In the case of any queries or grievances, the borrower can write to us at myloan@capitalfloat.com or call us at 080 6807 5001.

Capital Float is the pioneer of digital lending in India. The company leverages technology and big data analytics to deliver innovative credit products to businesses and individuals across the country. Through its proprietary digital loan underwriting and origination expertise, it has been able to deliver financing solutions to vast sections of the economy traditionally underserved by large financial institutions. It has developed partnerships to finance SMEs across various ecosystems such as e-commerce, manufacturing supply chains, retail, travel and hospitality, and digital remittances. Capital Float has also partnered with leading brands to offer finance to consumers availing products and services in segments such as education, vocational training, wellness, elective healthcare, home furnishings, electrical equipment, lifestyle, travel, fitness and consumer durables.

Founded in 2013, Capital Float is the trade name for Capfloat Financial Services Private Limited (formerly known as Zen Lefin Private Limited), a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India. The company has raised funding from marquee investors such as SAIF Partners, Sequoia India, Aspada Investments, Creation Investments Capital Management LLC, Ribbit Capital, and Amazon. Capital Float is headquartered in Bangalore, with offices in Mumbai, Delhi NCR and other cities. For more information: www.capitalfloat.com

Capital Float is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Our office address is New no. 3 (Old no. 211), Upper Palace Orchards, Bellary Road, Sadashiva Nagar, Bengaluru - 560080.
Here are some of the reasons we believe a loan from Capital Float is more conducive for SMEs.
  • No requirement of property or machinery as collateral
  • Willing to lend to businesses less than 3-5 years old
  • Easy, quick, paperless online application process
  • Funds in your account within 3 days
  • Flexible loan tenures starting from 6 months - 36 months
  • Low pre-closure penalties
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Interest rates at par with effective rates charged by banks
  • No hidden fees (e.g., life insurance)
Here are some of the reasons we believe a loan from Capital Float better when compared to availing finance from a moneylender.
  • Significantly lower interest rates
  • Get funds equally fast without requiring personal introductions
  • Free of risks typically associated with informal sector finance
  • Less burdensome repayment schedules
Here are some of the reasons we believe a loan from Capital Float is more conducive for SMEs when compared to using a credit card.
  • Significantly lower interest rates (credit card debt at approx. 40% p.a.)
  • Dependable source of credit for regular business needs
  • Loan sizes set according to business needs, not credit card limits
Buy Now Pay Later is the hassle-free way to get instant credit, via a completely digital process, for purchases made online. You have to complete one-time setup process, which should not take more than 2 minutes and doesn't require credit card. Once the setup is complete, you can avail Buy Now Pay Later limit at the payments page on the partner website to make payments over the EMIs ranging from 3 to 12 months. Here are the key benefits of Buy Now Pay Later?
  • Avail credit within 2 minutes. Get instant decision
  • Completely digital process
  • Credit card not required
  • No processing or cancellation fee
  • No pre-closure charges
  • Seamless checkout on our partner website using this payment mode
You need to have an account with our partner website, a valid PAN card, Aadhaar card and Bank account in the listed banks. Your age must be 23 years or above. Further eligibility is decided basis a host of variables like your previous bookings & cancellations history on the partner website, your credit bureau history and so on. Our models will rate your performance basis these variables and accordingly enable or disable this payment mode for you and decide the Buy Now Pay Later limit for your account.
If you are eligible, you can follow on-screen instructions on our partner website to register for the payment mode and your assigned limit will be displayed to you during this process.
Your credit bureau history is one of the variables we use in our decisioning process. However, it is not a mandatory variable, and you may still get Buy Now Pay Later limit without having bureau history. Subject to other criteria met.
Bank account is required to set-up monthly auto repayments of EMIs created for your bookings using Buy Now Pay Later limit. Once auto repayment is set, you don't have to worry about payment of EMIs on due date. You just have to keep the bank account active and funded for EMI repayments.
Go to Buy Now Pay Later registration page on our our partner's mobile App and follow these simple on-screen instructions.
Step 1: Verify
  • Provide your PAN and Aadhaar/Virtual ID (VID) details for verification. Complete verification by confirming one-time password (OTP) sent on your Aadhaar Linked mobile number.
  • Once the OTP is entered, your profile will be verified and evaluated, and Buy Now Pay Later limit will be determined which will be displayed to you on the next screen.
Step 2: Accept

Your approved Buy Now Pay Later limit will be displayed here along with the loan agreement. Please read and accept the agreement to complete Buy Now Pay Later registration.

Step 3: Repayment

You will have to link your bank account/debit card to process your monthly EMI repayments whenever you use this limit for booking.

  • In order to successfully set this up, your bank account/debit card will be charged upto Rs 5 which will be refunded to your bank account within 3-5 business days.
  • Only few banks are supported for now and you can find the list on-screen during set-up
PAN and Aadhaar or VID are mandated by regulations for completing basic Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. If you don't have a PAN or Aadhaar/VID, you will not be able to complete the registration.

Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID) is an alternative to your Aadhaar number. You can provide your VID instead of Aadhaar number for KYC completion. This is the new feature implemented by UIDAI (organization responsible for issuing Aadhaar number to citizens of India) considering the privacy of person's Aadhaar number and associated details.

VID is a temporary 16-digit numerical code, which can be generated on UIDAI website against any specific Aadhaar number. It can be generated any number of times and original Aadhaar number cannot be retrieved using this code.

More details on VID can be found here.

Step 1: Visit UIDAI's website at http://uidai.gov.in/

Step 2: Click on the "Virtual ID (VID) Generator" from Aadhaar Services section

Step 3: You will be taken to a new VID Generation page

Step 4: Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Number and the security code

Step 5: Now click on the "Send OTP" button

Step 6: An OTP will be sent to your mobile number registered with Aadhaar

Step 7: Enter the OTP and select the option to either "Generate VID" or "Retrieve VID"

Step 8: Now click on the Submit button

Step 9: You will get the message on your registered mobile number mentioning the 16-digit virtual ID for Aadhaar number

You don't have to worry in case you forgot your Aadhaar Number. Now you can find your Aadhaar number online within few minutes by following these steps:
  • Go to the Resident Portal of UIDAI here
  • Now enter your Full Name, Email or Mobile No in the box
  • Enter the security code and click on Get OTP button
  • You will get an OTP on your registered number, please enter the OTP in the box and click on Verify OTP button
  • You will receive your Aadhaar Number on your mobile number
The OTP is sent by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to the phone number registered with your Aadhaar card, as per their database. The following might be one of the reasons for not getting the OTP:
  • Are you looking at the mobile number registered with your Aadhar card, for the OTP?
  • Do you have proper mobile network connectivity? If not please try later from an area with good mobile network connectivity.Now enter your Full Name, Email or Mobile No in the box
  • If none of the above is true, the delay might be due to server downtime issues. Please try again later.
Aadhaar mobile number update requires biometric authentication and it cannot be done by post or online, according to the UIDAI. You need to visit the nearest Permanent Enrolment Center / Aadhaar Kendra.
Current KYC process using OTP verification of your Aadhaar or VID number is valid for 1 year. We are working on enabling other modes of KYC for you to extend the validity of the account for more than a year.
In such cases, you can restart the Buy Now Pay Later registration process. The process will take you to the step you had left unfinished.
Capital Float is a Reserve Bank of India recognized Non-Banking Financial Corporation (NBFC) with whom partner website has tied up to provide Buy Now Pay Later service to its customers. This entity is listed in RBI's list of scheduled NBFCs and holds the license to lend money to consumers, retail customers, small and medium businesses. RBI holds regular audit for this company to ensure regulations are being met as per the regulatory guidelines. Capital Float is extending credit limit to you and hence you have to share details with Capital Float.
Partner website follows certified data security standards to ensure safety of your data. Capital Float is also following same standards for keeping your data secure. In addition, Capital Float is mandated to follow data security standards as mandated by Indian government regulations.
Following are the probable reasons for an Buy Now Pay Later registration to get rejected:
  • Multiple incorrect OTP attempts for Aadhaar verification.
  • No entry of OTP for Aadhaar verification for a specified time-period.
  • You did not accept the final loan agreement post generation of Buy Now Pay Later limit.
  • You are currently not eligible as per internal evaluation policies.
Registration is a one-time process. You do not have to share these details every time you make a transaction.

Booking using Buy Now Pay Later

Currently you can utilize Buy Now Pay Later limit to make bookings on partner website only. We are working to make this limit available for bookings on Redbus and Goibibo.
Buy Now Pay Later is available on flights and hotels bookings. You can check the availability of this payment mode in the EMI options section on the checkout page.

If Buy Now Pay Later is available, you have to select "EMI" menu on payment selection page during checkout and choose "Buy Now Pay Later" option within "EMI" menu. Post that, choose the EMI plan from list of plans available for your bookings on payment selections page and complete the booking.

Buy Now Pay Later, as a payment method, can be applied to your booking when the following conditions are met:

  • There is sufficient limit available in your Buy Now Pay Later account to cover for the booking
  • Your Buy Now Pay Later account is Active

Currently the Interest Cost is not borne by you, but this may change in future, we will notify you in that case

The interest rate charged to you per the plan will be displayed at the time of placing an order, while choosing EMI plans. After placing the order, you can always visit the Buy Now Pay Later dashboard to verify the same.

The interest rate charged to you per the plan will be displayed at the time of placing an order, while choosing EMI plans. After placing the order, you can always visit the Buy Now Pay Later dashboard to verify the same.

Buy Now Pay Later currently offers 3, 6, 9 and 12 month EMI plans. The applicable plans for your purchase will be displayed on the payment selection screen during checkout. Applicable EMI plans are the ones which are within the time period of your KYC validity.

Please note that the KYC done on your Buy Now Pay Later using Aadhaar number and OTP stands valid for a year. So, if your KYC is set to expire in 8 months, you will only see EMI plans of 3 and 6 months at checkout.

We are working to enable another modes of KYC as well which will have extended validity period (upwards of 5 years). Once those modes are enabled for Buy Now Pay Later and if you go through that, then your KYC validity will be increased.

Yes. This is one-time setup activity which can be done during registration. We will run specific promotions for selected set of customers, from time to time, to waive off this mandatory auto-repayment setup condition for purchasing using Buy Now Pay Later limit. However, we strongly recommend you to setup this once for hassle-free repayments experience.

You can make multiple purchases using Buy Now Pay Later limit, till the time your limit is available for use. Please note that as per regulations, for KYC using Aadhaar number/VID and OTP, you are not allowed to book (including cancelled orders as well) the sum total of Rs 60,000 using Buy Now Pay Later limit. We will keep track of your usage on this regulation imposed limit. You will be notified whenever your available regulatory limit becomes lesser than the available Buy Now Pay Later limit.

No transaction fee is charged

No. Down-payments are not required for booking

The amount equivalent to your order value will be deducted from your Buy Now Pay Later credit limit. Whenever you repay the monthly installments, the amount equivalent to the principal value in your installments will be replenished in the Buy Now Pay Later credit limit. But your regulatory limit may not increase (Point 8).

You will not be able to change the payment method of an order, once it is successfully placed.

We are sorry to inform you that you will not be able to change your EMI plans once the order is placed.

No. You will not accrue any reward points for making bookings using Buy Now Pay Later. However, if you repay using your debit card, you can accrue reward points on the repayments in your debit card, if applicable by your bank.

Several e-commerce companies have partnered with Capital Float, a Government of India recognized Non-banking financial corporation to provide Buy Now Pay Later facility to our customers. Since our e-commerce partner doesn't hold the license to give credit to customers, Capital Float has provided credit to you via the e-commerce partner. Hence, you are receiving notifications from Capital Float.

In case the payment failed on your order, you will get an option to retry the payment using a different payment method than Buy Now Pay Later. For instructions on how to retry payment, please visit this help page.


Yes. Just like any other booking on partner website, you can cancel or request cancellation any time before availing the service.

In case you have not paid even a single installment for the product, then on cancelling we will credit your EMI limit with the total order value.
If you've already made a payment towards EMI repayments, we will credit the paid amount back to your bank account / debit card, along with reinstating your Buy Now Pay Later limit as mentioned above. This amount should be reflected in your bank account within 3-5 business days. We may reach out to you via Email /SMS /Call in case further details are required to process the refund.

There is no Buy Now Pay Later specific cancellation fee in case you cancel the booking using this limit. However, the standard cancellation fees may still apply.

Buy Now Pay Later Repayments

We will club monthly installments across all your bookings with Buy Now Pay Later into one total EMI amount. This amount will be due on the due date and will be deducted from your bank account/debit card basis the auto repayment setup you would have done.

The first EMI for your booking will be due on the 5th day of the month next to the subsequent one.

For example: If you've made a transaction using Buy Now Pay Later in April, the first EMI will be due on 5th of June (month next to the subsequent one). All the subsequent EMIs will be due on 5th of the subsequent months after June.

Buy Now Pay Later repayment can happen in two ways - (i) Auto repayment: which is a one-time setup during registration (ii) Manual repayments (link of which you will get with notifications on due dates)

For auto repayment setup, you will have to link your debit card/bank account of selected banks by performing one verification transaction of upto Rs 5. This amount will be refunded within 3-5 business days to your bank account. Once this is set, the due amount will be automatically deducted from your linked bank account/debit card, thus making repayments hassle-free.

We have partnered with Capital Float to provide Buy Now Pay Later credit to our customers. The repayment towards your EMI purchases are credited to Capital Float accounts.

Your transaction will be declined. You will have to retry the payment from Your Orders page for that particular order

Currently, the capability to partly repay the outstanding dues is not available on the platform. However, you can pay total outstanding amount from the Buy Now Pay Later dashboard without any additional charges. You will just have to pay the interest amount accrued till that day of the month.

In such a case, we will notify you through email and SMS about transaction rejection from bank and details on how to manually complete the payment to avoid any late payment fees/penalties. Please note that your Buy Now Pay Later account can be blocked after few days post the due date if the EMI payment is not received and will only be unblocked once the due payments are complete. If you complete the payments within 30 days of the due date, your Buy Now Pay Later account will be unblocked immediately but if your payment comes after 30 days from due date, your account status will change post internal re-assessment.

If you miss your payments on due date, following late payment penalties will apply: Rs 100 to Rs 400 (excluding GST)

No, once the auto-repayment is setup, you will not be able to change the bank or repayment mode from partner App. This feature will be available on the App shortly. However, you can call or write to our lending partner's (Capital Float's) customer care center to get the auto repayment settings changed through an offline process. Contact details of lending partner - Call: 080 6807 5001 Email: myloan@capitalfloat.com

Yes, you will be notified about upcoming payments via SMS and/or Email 3-4 days before the due date so that you can keep the bank account well-funded for successful repayments.

It's very important to pay your EMI on time in order to avoid late payment charges, maintain a good credit rating, avoid Buy Now Pay Later account suspension, avoid actions on your account and avoid any legal action.

Please maintain adequate balance in your account around the repayment dates. Not paying your EMI on time could result in your credit bureau (CIBIL) score being affected.

In all such cases, the excess funds deducted will be credited back to the respective bank account from 'Capital Float (our lending partner)' in 3-5 business days.

Buy Now Pay Later Account Details

Your Buy Now Pay Later account could be blocked due to multiple reasons:

  • Your KYC has expired
  • You have overdue payments or your repayment was post 30 days past due date
  • Due to internal partner website policies
  • Due to our partner's internal policies

If your account is blocked due to payments not paid on time, please complete the pending payments. If the repayment is overdue for less than 30 days then your account will be unblocked automatically once we receive the payment confirmation. If the payment is made after 30 days of due date, we will reassess your profile and take the decision on reinstatement. If it is blocked due to expiry of KYC, we will provide details of the process to complete Full KYC and extend validity. If its blocked due to partner's policies, you have to wait for profile re-evaluation (which happens on periodic basis). We will notify you about the reinstatement of your account.

In order to cancel your Buy Now Pay Later account, you'll have to ensure that all the outstanding dues are cleared. Only if there are no outstanding dues, we will be able to process account cancellation requests. If all the dues are clear, please call our customer service team to request account cancellation.

For any queries related to Buy Now Pay Later, you can reach out to our partner customer care or Capital Float customer service - Contact details: Call at 1860 419 0999, or Email at myloan@capitalfloat.com
Mandate cancellation means cancelling the existing mandate linked to the loan account. Once cancelled, we will not be able to process any auto-debit from the respective borrower’s bank account. All further dues need to be paid manually, delay of which may lead to late payment fees and penalties charged to the borrower, and an adverse impact on the borrower’s CIBIL score.
In the future, if you want to utilize the facility, the mandate needs to be registered again.
No, it is subject to clearing of dues and Capital Float policies. The Acceptance/Rejection status notification will be sent to you via SMS.
Yes, you can pause/stop standing instruction to auto-debit your account. This will put the mandate presentations temporarily on hold. If you decide not to use the facility for sometime, you can put it on hold. You can resume the mandate later without any extra charges.
Yes, you can place a request to resume.
You may please reach out to us on myloan@capitalfloat.com or call us at 080 6807 5001
You can place the cancellation request by clicking on this link and submitting the relevant details.